About us

Who we are

Steph & Co creates unique clay + metal jewelry with the goal of bringing you joy, and helping you feel confident & seen. Steph created this little shop back in May of 2019. While her 3 littles (Eleanor, Jude & Selah) napped, she would create clay pieces in her kitchen. She started by giving them to friends + this creative outlet quickly took off from there.

Steph and her husband, Jeffrey, run this company together along with a team of gals (Steph, Rylee, Haylee, Allison, Teresa, Kelsey, Anna, Madaysn, and Hannah).

We hand make each and every clay piece in our studio, and customize our metal jewelry so it’s special to just you. We hope you have as much fun wearing your Steph & Co pieces as we have making them for you.  

Our hope + goal is to bring a little joy to your day (and outfit!) each time you put on our jewelry.

The journey so far!

What started in 2019 as a creative outlet for just myself has changed, shifted, and become something so beautiful I can hardly believe it. This past year as our company expanded and discovered the simplicity of metal jewelry and how treasured custom pieces are, we began to feel that our original name was no longer quite right.

We are an entire team of women who work together to make this company what it is. We not only offer beautiful clay pieces, but 14K gold hoops, pearls, diamonds, stacking rings, initial pendant necklaces, bonding permanent jewelry + ear piercing, rose gold chokers, beautiful ring dishes, and so much more. We wanted a name that felt like it encompassed who we were becoming, and who we could grow to be.

Steph & Co is who we are now. In this name, there’s freedom to keep doing what we do really well, and also expand and grow in new ways. How exciting is that?!

We are so glad you are on this journey with us.



Our values

Back in the summer of 2019 Jeffrey and I snuck away to Portland for a week of rest and dreaming. We spent an entire day in a coffee shop talking about the vision for our company and the values we wanted to have. At the time, it was just the two of us–so in many ways these core values were inspirational.

Over the past three years as our team has grown, we hold fast to these principles to guide us. Each week we read through the values and take time to talk about examples of where we saw the values played out, and sometimes, where we missed the bar. Through the constant revisiting of what’s important to us, I’ve seen our values go from inspirational to being lived out. I wanted to share a few with you as our Steph & Co community

  • Family - We care deeply about our employees as a whole, and we support women and men who want to work & raise a family of their own.
  • High Integrity - We are honest, genuine, and loyal to each other and our customers and at our best when no one is looking.
  • Celebrate Well - We cheer on each other’s achievements & celebrate milestones together.
  • Hard-Working Yet Balanced - We expect everyone to work their hardest with a cheerful attitude while also resting well & feeding the other areas of their life (faith, relationships, physical health, etc.).


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