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We're now offering ear piercing in our studio! ⚡

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 We decided to offer piercing after Steph took her oldest daughter to a larger corporate piercing store, and the experience left a lot to be desired. What was supposed to be a meaningful shared experience between the two quickly turned into a rushed, confusing experience.

An idea was planted to make the piercing experience a memorable milestone meant to be celebrated and enjoyed. We put safety first by ensuring a sterilized environment and using only hypoallergenic materials, 14kt gold earrings.  For the last 6 months, we've been researching, training, and are now certified to pierce ears! We're starting with strictly lobe piercings and will expand our offering from there.  

The total cost of the piercing experience ranges from $80 - $135 depending on the earring selected. The price includes the cost of the piercing, 14kt gold earrings, and an aftercare kit. Single piercings are available at a discounted rate.

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Here's a display of our initial piercing selection:





Do you use an ear piercing gun? 

We do not use a traditional spring-loaded piercing gun. Instead, we offer a hand-pressurized instrument. This uses the pressure and complete control of our team member's hand to safely place, guide, and pierce your ear. The instrument uses a sterilized single-use cartridge containing a sterile starter stud that pierces the ear. 

The hand-pressurized instrument allows for gentle and direct control with each and every piercing. 

What do you recommend for aftercare tips?

You should clean the ear 2-3 times a day and always wash your hands before touching the ear.

During each cleaning, turn the earring one rotation each time while cleaning.

When using our aftercare spray, follow the direction on the product and maintain the routine for 6 weeks.

We recommend that you keep an earring in the piercing for at least a year to prevent the piercing from closing.

If you run out of solution, you can purchase more here. Do not use any lotions or ointments, such as Neosporin. These products can clog the piercing and prohibit sufficient air flow needed to promote healing. Also, avoid alcohol or peroxide products. These products can dry out the skin and the piercing, which will slow down the healing process.

Also, make sure you are changing your face mask every day as the straps on the mask can introduce bacteria to the healing piercing. We always recommend wearing hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings to help prevent infection! 

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