Get Bonded | The New Forever Friendship Bracelet ⚡

We're welding by appointment only on Fridays, so book a time here. On Saturdays, we're now officially taking walk-ins! 
If a day's full that you're hoping to book, sign up for our waitlist and we'll reach out when we open more appointments!
You can now bring your friends, family + loved ones to Clay by Steph to be bonded! The Clay by Steph gals will weld a custom fit bracelet or anklet that's my favorite new accessory + experience all in one. You'll leave with a new piece that makes future styling simple while enjoying a fun + memorable experience! 


You'll select your chain during your appointment, but if you'd like to know your options in advance...

Chain options: 

14k Yellow Gold-Filled

Bonded Forever Essential Chain - $70

Bonded Forever CeCe Chain - $70 

Bonded Forever Selah Chain - $70

Bonded Forever Simone Chain - $70

Bonded Forever Halo Chain - $85


Solid 14k Yellow Gold:

Bonded Forever Essential Chain - $135

Bonded Forever CeCe Chain - $135 

Bonded Forever Selah Chain - $135

Bonded Forever Simone Chain - $180 

Solid 14k White Gold

Bonded Forever CeCe Chain  - $110

Bonded Forever Simone Chain - $110

 Prices do not include tax.

What does it mean to "Get Bonded?"
A member of the team will weld and zap a chain of your choice to the perfect fit of your wrist or ankle. The accessory is permanently attached to you but can be simply removed with scissors if needed! 


What are the chain options?
There are a variety of styles to choose from in the studio including 14k Yellow Gold, 14k Yellow Gold Filled + 14k White Gold! Our current available list is located above! 
Pricing of the appointment will be finalized when you select you chain during your appointment.


Where can I make an appointments?
Click the attached link to make an appointment! Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments.


What if I need to remove my bracelet or anklet? Can I get re-bonded?
Of course! If the bracelet or anklet was removed for any reason, we are able to reconnect it for a small fee! Keep in mind we recommend removing the chain at the point in which it was bonded for a clean and precise reattachment. 


Is it painful? 
Not at all! There is a slight flash, but it doesn't cause any pain or make contact with your skin. 




• Each individual appointment accommodates one person, so please keep this in mind if you intend to come as a pair or group. If you'd like to come as a group, book appointments consecutively. Or, if the slots are filled, reach out to + we'll see if we can fit you in!
• While the bonding takes just a few minutes, please be patient with those who have also made appointments. 
• We can only hold your spot in line if you are present at the time your appointment begins.
• Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
• We don't recommend this process if you have ever had an allergic reaction to 14k gold. 
• All sales are final!
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